2028 E St Rt 73 Waynesville, OH 45068

Delivery times are: 2:00 pm til 10:00 pm

Call Ahead for Carryout Or Dine In

*a minimum of $10.00 of food items from our menu.
all other store items available for delivery after meeting the minimum*

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  • Today's winner.......Well Kevin Carey you asked for it!!!!! Today you will get a free pork chop lunch with a free side a heart burn!!! Thank you for coming in every day!!!! You're like a hemorrhoid we just can't get rid of you!

    April 19

  • What would you like the special to be tomorrow? Comment your favorite special and tag a friend! Check back later to see what we decide to do! Who will the winner be? I hope it’s you!!! Good luck!!! D🍀 not forget to tag a friend to be eligible!!!

    April 18

  • Poor LD he has to do it all.....

    April 18

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